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Rejected Documents

I'm having a problem when it comes to rejecting versions of files already committed to the repository.

The problem is as follows. I have a file with 4 revisions. A resource edits the document creating version 5 of the file. This file is committed and enters into the "Documents awaiting to be reviewed" queue.

Lets now assume that the reviewer is not happy with the changes made in version 5 and he/she rejects the update. I would expect that revision 4 would be available for viewing/editing.

This is not the case. The document can only be accessed by the Admin user from the "File -> Rejections" link.

To make matters worse, the only way I can return the document to the repository is to place the exact same document back into the "Documents awaiting review" queue and approve the revision. Ultimately this leaves the reviewer in the position of having to accept a revision that is not acceptable, simply to allow further changes/corrections to be made to revision 6 of the file.

Is there a config setting i'm missing that would, using the example given above, allow revision 4 to be visible in the repository following the rejection of revision 5?

Thanks in advance.


This is an issue someone reported a while back but it hasn't been #1 on the list:
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Hi Stephen,

Thanks again for the response.

Slightly off topic: I've attempted to contact you via your website's contact us page. The purpose of the mail was to enter into discussions revolving around specific customisations to your application.

Unfortunately I've not received a response, however I'm unsure if these comments actually make their way to you?

Can you confirm if you have received the message? If you have not, would you be able to drop me a line via my email address (used during the forum registration process) so I can let you know what requirements we have and hopefully enter into discussions regarding the modifications and the associated costs involved?

Many thanks


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