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Multi-file upload support and upload progress for large file
Hi Ken,

Thanks for the work on doing that. It should be helpful to others who are comfortable enough with the process to try it out. Unfortunately I am unable to include this tool with the core opendocman code because it must be written in php and not require any other external software in order to work. I am also a mac/linux user, so windows tools are not helpful to me, but like I said, maybe others will find it useful. I will move this thread to the Patches forum.

The next version (1.2.6) will have a multi-upload tool, but I am still working on other new features at the moment like an admin "Settings" page, and and "Allowed File Types" settings page. I will tackle the multi-upload once those are knocked out.
Here is a screenshot of the application.


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What is the Document Repository value used for? I would think you would just use the dataDir config value for that.
That was my original thought, but I wasnt smart enough to parse the config file to find it. Besides, this way, you can run the application on any windows PC on your network, even if your OpenDocMan server is Linux based - just point to the DB and to the SMB share.

kedavis425 Wrote:I have the first version of the import utility completed.
It is a Windows 32 application as my PHP is sketchy at best. While I have tested it on a test server and it appears to work well, I have not yet run it on our production system.
I had to split the file into 3 parts because of the 265 KB file upload limitation of this BB. Just download all three parts and extract the first file. it will combine it all back together into one installer.

Installation Instructions

After installing this utility, create a System ODBC Data Source call "opendocman".
Point this Data Source at your OpenDocMan database.
Open the OpenDocMan.udl file, in the installation folder, and point it at your newly created System ODBC Data Source.

Best results are received if you create a Catagory in OpenDocMan called "Imported", then import all documents into this folder.

Now you may run the application. It allows you to select the Owner, Category, Department, and Department Authorities.
You must also list the file extensions you want to import.

The application will take all directory names and the file name (without the extension) and place it in the "Description" Field.

Please let me know what you think.


THANKS FOR THIS!!!! It saved me a TON ... did I say TON ... of work.

Currently there is no multi-file uploading functionality, as far as I can see ?

Is there some workaround to add lots of files in one transfer/operation, either through a web interface or with some scripts, on Linux?

Previous poster had uploaded a tool for windows, which I might try if I must, but that means that I have to move OpenDocMan from Linux to Windows hosting.

Without bulk upload (built-in mechanism or with semi-manual scripting) and modifiable metadata field(s) (like individual file expiry parameter mentioned in other posts) it is not that easy to initially adopt this solution (i.e. a site with 300+ documents at the very beginning).

Thanks & Best Regards

I stand corrected - the tool by the previous poster did the bulk upload, after the moving of the openmandoc from linux to windows hosting.

Can the tool be changed in order to include customized (perhaps programmable) description, instead of the current "Downloads <name of the file>"?

Other considerations are still here, however - the customized Expiry Date metadata on the per document basis and action (alert, mail) scheduled daily based on that field.

Best Regards,
I will be working on a multi-upload feature soon.

How would you like the multi-upload to work (in a perfect world)?

[Just to update my previous post - I moved back to Linux (Xubuntu) server after the import (moving SQL database + document repository = success).]

In a perfect world, there will be no other change in the gui apart from the added functionality - to be able to select more then one file when you press Add Document -> Choose File. Functionality would be added behind the form. As simple as that. (Of course it would be mentioned in the documentation.)

There should be some open sourced upload modules (php/flash/java) for this. 2 years ago I used couple of those into an ASP.NET upload page, and it worked for the most part.

Thanks for your update!

[Also, I forgot, I want to inform you that I am doing the Macedonian translation, so when it is done it will be uploaded to you.]

Best Regards,
How many files can i upload at ones....

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