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Full Version: Multi-file upload support and upload progress for large file
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Support for uploading multiple files and an upload progress bar would be nice.
I would suggest integrating SWFUpload, since it degrades gracefully if the user doesn't have Flash installed and/or Javascript enabled.

Adding whole directories (maybe with subdirectories) would be great.
Keeping the original file date as creation date would be another great feature!
We are looking to move to OpenDocMan, but right now we have hundreds of folders with thousands of documents in them. I am not looking forward to importing them one at a time.
Even if the import just put the file name as the description, we could go back and edit it later.

If you have not started working on this, I would be happy to write it for you.
I am assuming we just rename the file with id.dat format and include all relevant infomation in to the database.

If this is something you would be interested in, please contact me and I'll make sure I have all the database stuff configured correctly.

I would be interested in seeing what you can do. If you look at the current add.php script you can pretty much get the idea, and just make it accept multiple-files and you will need to provide default meta-data for each file. Maybe creating a department called Uploaded or something would help to keep track of which files still need to be edited after you import them?
Actually, it would need to be an Uploaded category, not a department.
I write alot more win32 applications than PHP so I make make the first pass in that. My concern with using PHP for this is the length of running time for the script. In our environment, it would take several hours for the import to run and I think PHP would blow up.
What are your thoughts.
Limit the number of files that can be uploaded per run to make sure it is under 60 seconds or so? Probably best to make it a config.php value that can be adjusted per-site. Some server admins have their max_script time set higher than others so we would need to make sure it can be changed if needed.
I have the first version of the import utility completed.
It is a Windows 32 application as my PHP is sketchy at best. While I have tested it on a test server and it appears to work well, I have not yet run it on our production system.
I had to split the file into 3 parts because of the 265 KB file upload limitation of this BB. Just download all three parts and extract the first file. it will combine it all back together into one installer.

Installation Instructions

After installing this utility, create a System ODBC Data Source call "opendocman".
Point this Data Source at your OpenDocMan database.
Open the OpenDocMan.udl file, in the installation folder, and point it at your newly created System ODBC Data Source.

Best results are received if you create a Catagory in OpenDocMan called "Imported", then import all documents into this folder.

Now you may run the application. It allows you to select the Owner, Category, Department, and Department Authorities.
You must also list the file extensions you want to import.

The application will take all directory names and the file name (without the extension) and place it in the "Description" Field.

Please let me know what you think.

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