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Receiving "This file cannot be uploaded properly" message
(07-11-2014, 02:20 PM)gsawtelle Wrote: Hello,

This is my first attempt to use OpenDocMan.  I love the concept and am excited about using the product.  Here is the problem...

Setup:  Windows Server running IIS 7, php 5 mysql 5+
 Data dir is located in c:\inetpub and has (to my knowledge) the appropriate rights assignment.

Installation went flawlessly and I have been able to do everything except upload any files.  Any attempt to upload returns the following flashing message- "This file cannot be uploaded properly"
I cannot find anything in php logs, IIS logs or any other reason for this behavior.  

As a test, I replicated my install steps on a LAMP, and everything was successful.  This was a needed data point for me to show the product works.  However, the ultimate installation point for the product is the IIS environment.

I am looking for any and all suggestions.


I have exactly the same problem. As far as I know the approeriate users have Write permissions. Have you been able to solve this problem?

Any wuggestions would be apreaciated.


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