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How do I submit feature request code? - mer - 05-31-2017

Greetings Team,

Newbie to GitHub (used bitbucket for one project a while back) and want to make sure I'm doing things right and don't muck up the whole process. I have read the and reviewed the Git branching model at and (think) I understand the issue fix submittal and documentation update submittal process, but not sure on the feature update.

I have developed a dynamic files list which allows the admin root user the ability to select which data fields, calculated fields and udf fields to include in the file output, and in what order to arrange the selected columns. This has been referenced in issues 8, 114, 154, 234 and 252, and is #13 on the top ideas list.

I believe the process should be to clone the develop branch, initiate a fork of that clone, make my edits to that fork, commit those changes, sync the repo, publish the local changes, then submit a pull request.

Where I'm lost is naming this branch. Is there different naming convention for feature additions? Should I pick a random/newest/oldest existing issue? Or create a new issue referencing all the others even though I don't think of this as an bug (issue) but new functionality. Other?

Thanks in advance for the initial hand-holding...

RE: How do I submit feature request code? - adminla - 11-25-2017

You will Fork the original repo first. Then create your feature branch. Once it’s comitted and pushed to github you can initiate a Pull Request into the main repo.