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datadir still bad on 777? - Stephen - 01-13-2010

2005-07-15 19:24:40 PDT
I can only seem to run with a datadir at /tmp/opendoc (or /tmp/anything )

I've ensured the directory is 777 and owned by apache (which is running the webserver daemon) - I'm not sure what the issue is. I have other apps which write fine to other directories (Gallery, etc) owned by apache and running 755 or 777.


2005-07-16 05:46:55 PDT
What does your apache error log show?

2005-07-16 07:01:58 PDT
There is nothing in the error log about it. It's not apache complaining it's something to do with the check within opendocman.
What produces my erorr is in index.php:

if(!is_dir($GLOBALS['CONFIG']['dataDir']) || !is_writeable($GLOBALS['CONFIG']['dataDir']))
echo "<font color=red>There is a problem with your dataDir. Check to make sure it exists and is writeable</font>";

however my config.php has this:
'dataDir' => '/usr/opendoc/',

and that directory is 777;
drwxrwxrwx 2 apache psacln 4096 Jul 16 06:49 opendoc

I have found that only under /tmp can I post the datadir but that will be deleted on any reboot.
(oh I am running on a Fedora Core 1; shared hosting server. Shouldn't matter but I'll mention.)

2005-07-16 07:45:18 PDT
Seems I figured it out. PLESK visrtual hosting software has some limitation on where you can place your datadirs; I moved about here and there and finally found an acceptable place to move the datadir and it works fine now.