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Use URL to retrieve specific file - realtoast - 11-23-2015


I'm looking for DMS solution for a specific purpose. I have created an interactive PDF document for distribution to employees of a small company. Within the PDF, I would like to create a document menu that would use a URL in each menu item so that User can access and open files from OpenDocMan by clicking the active link (menu item). 

For example, in a page in the interactive PDF,  a static menu may look like this (fake URLs)
In each instance, the URL would point to the location in OpenDocMan server so as to access and open the individual PDF to which the URL points, in a new window. Questions:

1. Is this a possible functionality with OpenDocMan?
2. If so, is it possible to have the links work without login? So that any person with the interactive PDF would have immediate ability to open and view the PDFs that are linked?
3. If #2 is not possible, would a single initial login when attempting to open a link then allow continued file viewing without additional logins?

Thank you for any help.