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Unusual situation - johncarn - 08-16-2015

I have a customer that needs a doc management system (volunteer fire company.) They want to upload docs, allow some to read, some to download, and some to upload.

I see no worries here.

But, they also want to store pictures on the server. I uploaded a .jpb file to the system and get an error message when I try to open it.

Seems to me that a better way to deal with this is to provide access to docs via OpenDocMan, allow uploads of pictures through the interface, but store them in a separate directory or series of directories. That way, you can create a menu item or default location for users to access just the photos and skip all the doc management stuff.

If the pics were stored in a separate folder, this would be easy to accomplish. Is there a configuration parameter that could be used to accomplish this? If not, is there a problem storing pics in the doc management interface and being able to view them?

Would appreciate any thoughts you have on this topic.