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dataDir problem - Stephen - 01-12-2010

I've installed and tried various combinations and cannot get this to work.
I guess I don't understand where this data folder needs be located, how I
put it there, and if I leave it's path alone in the config file

Re: dataDir problem - Stephen - 01-12-2010

Well, basically, that folder (if it actually exists on your system) needs
to have file permissions set on it so that your web server can read and
write to it. That folder can pretty much be wherever you want as long as
the permissions are set right.

Re: dataDir problem - Stephen - 01-12-2010

Thanks for your comment. I have a folder there with setting of 0755. It is
above the public_html level and is called data.
Do I need to change the config path to reflect this?
As it is now, it's set to: dataDir' => '/var/www/document_repository/