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Error in SELECT query - bsounes - 12-30-2014

I successfully trialed OpenDocMan on a local xampp server. However my attempts to install on a remote host have been frustrating. Initially I got a login screen but tripped over the dataDir setting. However I now can't seem to get past this error:

Error in query: SELECT cl27-docs-t58.odm_user.username FROM cl27-docs-t58.odm_user WHERE = 1
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-docs-t58.odm_user WHERE = 1' at line 1

The version of pmpMyAdmin used by the host does not permit renaming the database so I'm stuck with the prefix "cl27-".
It also does not allow me to check table privileges.
The tables are all collated as: "latin1_swedish_ci"

Any suggestions?

RE: Error in SELECT query - adminla - 01-10-2015

I see this issue pop up for other users. I believe this is an issue with dashes "-" being used in the database name.

Can you tell me which php file is showing this error? I thought I had removed all mentions of the database name in the queries.