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Customize Home (File Display Page) - appletech - 11-15-2014


I've recently installed v1.2.9 and I am trying to learn OpenDocMan.

My first question: How can we modify (customize) the Homepage to include more fields? We would like to be able to display Comments and Category in this page (the Homepage). Is it possible and how?

And a second one: Could a non-admin user be configured to be able to only create categories and/or departments (without having any other admin privileges)?

Please advise.


RE: Customize Home (File Display Page) - adminla - 11-17-2014

For the customizations, you would need to modify the php code that builds the file list, there is no way to do it in the user interface.

As for the admin question, only admin or root can edit categories. You could change that in the php code if you wanted to.