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Can't read data directory - B_DubHay - 11-10-2014

Hello, I wanted to try opendocman so i tried to install it on a test server. I am still pretty green when it comes to apache and I'm pretty sure my problems stem from my apache configuration. I read somewhere (i think it was in the installation instructions) that the data directory should no reside under the root directory of opendocman (i am running a debian server so that would be /var/www/odocman for me) so i created a directory under my home directory (that won't be the permanent home, just a place for testing purposes). I set the file ownership of the directory to www-data:www-data, and set the mask to 017. When i point opendocman to my data directory it throws an error. I know the error message would be handy right now but i didn't take a screenshot of it and i can't remember what it said, but i know it revolves around the fact that opendocman can't access the data directory. Does the directory need to be somewhere under /var/www or do i need to add a directory section in an apache config file? I'm sure this question has been asked before so if anybody knows of a link that would point me in the right direction that would be great. thanks for all the help.


RE: Can't read data directory - adminla - 11-13-2014

Sounds like maybe an open_basedir issue?