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v1.2.7 Permissions Diappear - BobJohanson - 02-05-2014

I added two user defined fields. I also added more users, for a total of 13. When I call up File Details, and I edit several of the fields, including one of the ones I added, the permissions for the last 3 users become blank (all radio buttons are empty), after I save and log out. I did not have the problem before I made the modifications adding the fields and the users. When the fields appear on edit, only the first 10 show. When I increase the number to show to 25, the last 3 users are blank. This also happens every time I reset the permissions for the last 3. I will be trying some other things, and will update this post, as I find more information. Thanks, Bob

Re: v1.2.7 Permissions Diappear - Stephen - 02-13-2014


I am not 100% following your scenario but here is what I did on our demo:

1) Created 13 test users
2) As admin I added a UDF
3) As admin I added a file and assigned View permissions to all 13 test users (showing 25 users per page)
4) Edited the file I just added
5) All users have View permissions as intended
6) Logout
7) Login as admin and edit same file
8) All users have View permissions as intended.

One thing to note: If a user has no setting it is the same as being forbidden.

Re: v1.2.7 Permissions Diappear - Update - BobJohanson - 02-14-2014

After looking at a number of conditions, the general problem condition is Saving the File Details edit. Simply opening File Details, then clicking on Save, will blank all the permissions for that file for users over 10 (I currently have 14 users). I only noticed this after I had added two User Defined fields, so I don't know if this happens in the program without the added fields. Permissions for other files are not affected. Also, if the Root Admin is included in the users over 10, his/her permission still remains at Admin when viewing that file, even if all the others, with removed permissions, are still blank.

The workaround to this problem is to FIRST open Edit User Permissions, select the number of permissions to show, so that all users are shown; do whatever editing you had intended, and THEN Save. The permissions will remain as they were set.

Best Regards,
Bob Johanson

Re: v1.2.7 Permissions Diappear - Stephen - 02-16-2014

I have verified this issue, which is coming from the DataTables javascript library which "hides" rows in the table that are on other pages. The form cannot see the hidden fields when the submit button is pressed. Temporary workaround is to choose a longer results-per-page value.

Re: v1.2.7 Permissions Diappear - BobJohanson - 02-21-2014

Thank you. That will work for now.

Bob Johanson

Re: v1.2.7 Permissions Diappear - Stephen - 02-22-2014

Please try and let me know if you issue is resolved.