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Date format in custom field - Guest - 07-26-2013

Would it be possible to include a format option of a date for the custom field. The current options are list, sub-list, radio-button and text.

I would be interested in filing incident reports, and having them searchable on the date that an incident occurred. This may not (ie will not!) be the same as the date a report was uploaded. I'm sure others would have use for a similar custom field.

Re: Date format in custom field - Stephen - 08-06-2013

I would suggest using a "Text" field and just entering "01/01/2013" in that field.

Re: Date format in custom field - Guest - 08-07-2013

That's a reasonable idea, but ideally there should be a rule or mask to ensure the data is saved in the correct way. Otherwise it would make searching for a particular incident by date quite difficult, due to the variable formats that could be used in the free text field.
You get the gist.......