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Multilanguage? - Guest - 07-16-2013

Hello everyone,

we installed the recent opendocman and are searching for a feature - individual language per user ? is this possible ? if yes - how ?
thanks in advance.


Re: Multilanguage? - Stephen - 07-16-2013

Out of the box, no. You (or we) could develop a plug-in that would accomplish what you need.

Re: Multilanguage? - Guest - 07-29-2013

Hello Stephen,

thanks for your answer. i will contact the client in order to clearify their needs.

best regards

RE: Multilanguage? - rybato - 04-07-2016

I used very simple workaround which allows you to set language per user directly in the database (no web interface for changing user language)

1. Execute following query on the database:
ALTER TABLE `odm_user` ADD `user_language` VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'english' COMMENT 'Language of the application per user' ;

2. Set user_language in the odm_user table

3. Add following code to functions.php line 49 (before     include_once('includes/language/' . $GLOBALS['CONFIG']['language'] . '.php');       ):
PHP Code:
if (isset($_SESSION['uid'])) {
  $query "SELECT user_language FROM {$GLOBALS['CONFIG']['db_prefix']}user WHERE id ='".$_SESSION['uid']."'";
  $stmt $pdo->prepare($query);
  $result $stmt->fetchAll();    //print_r($result);
  $GLOBALS['CONFIG']['language'] = $result[0]["user_language"];   //print_r($GLOBALS['CONFIG']);