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help with understanding check-out / in process - rggefrm - 04-10-2013

Dear opendoc community,

I hope someone can help me with understanding the checkout - in process. I know the concept but I'm a little bit puzzled how opendocman handles the process. I will try to illustrate this in the following example.

Supposing a user A checks out a document with the name firstdocument.doc. Than the document is looked.

Now the user A checks in a the document, however loads up (checks in) a complete different document (by example by error). Even the file name is different.
Open docman gives no warning or error. The document gets forwarded for authorisation.

It is now up to the authorisation person to spot the error. However, he / she might not know which document was checked out. If accepted, the wrong document replaces the checked out file.

I think it would be better that the checked in file should have the same file name or opendocman should give a warning that the file does not match the name.

I'm wondering what other user think or if I have understood something wrong.


Re: help with understanding check-out / in process - Stephen - 04-10-2013

We had many requests to remove the duplicate filename check. Possibly a better long-term solution would be to add the filename check as a configuration option, so that you could choose whether or not to allow a different filename to be checked-in.

I have come across many times where someone updated the document name after they checked it out (ex. Test_doc_v1.doc to Test_doc_v2.doc) but when they went to checkin the file it would bounce back because of the filename change. The current behavior makes the filename just another dynamic meta data field instead of a hard-coded field.

Re: help with understanding check-out / in process - jer5ey - 04-10-2013

Hello Frank,

Bear in mind that you do not over-write a document by checking it in.... you just create a new instance (version) of the document in the data base. If anyone spots the error, the previous version can be recalled, edited and properly checked in.

I like it as it is.