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Pb adding files when user is NOT admin .... - Stephen - 01-13-2010


2008-07-31 05:43:47 PDT
I noticed a strange and annoying one: it looks like none of the users I defined can add-in a file, unless they are also declared as admins ....
If they are declared as simply "rewievers", then nothing happen when they press on the submit button of the Add file form.

We are using firefox/win2k and Ubuntu/mysql.

Is there something i am doing wrong ?


2008-07-31 09:19:30 PDT
Well, actually, it DID add a file ... but the point is, there is no indication whatsoever that somethings happened. There could probably be some sort of message saying "upload successful", or the kind of staff ... and
so i am back to my previous POST, about the fact the messages are not sent to reviewers ....

Please help :-(


2008-07-31 10:10:15 PDT
Not sure on this one...

I thought that after adding a file, you should get redirected back to the document listing (out.php), and the message "Last Message: Document successfully added" should appear on the right hand side of the blue bar. If you're not getting redirected back to out.php, then it sounds like something in the upload is not completing. Look at your webserver logs and/or packet captures for more clues.

2008-07-31 10:14:06 PDT
I agree that it would be nice for reviewers to get notified. The other option is to disable the review process, but that may not be what you want either.