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Tweeter theme bug ? - donzauker - 04-19-2012


I have installed ODM on a Windows 2008 R2 server using WAMP environment (Apache, MySQL, PHP).
ODM runs very smooth but I notice that browsing ODM with Internet Explorer and Tweeter theme actrive I get 3-4 seconds of "delay"... the page seems freeze!
No problem using default theme or Tweeter theme and Chrome.

Have you idea how to fix this issue ?


Installed the

Re: Tweeter theme bug ? - Stephen - 04-19-2012

Is this happening on all pages, or just the main page? How does it run on an admin page?

Re: Tweeter theme bug ? - donzauker - 04-19-2012

It happens on all pages.
Chrome + Tweeter/default theme = no issue
IE 7/8 + Tweeter = freezes
IE 7/8 + default = no issue
Cannot test IE9, I will try Firefox asap.

During the freeze all links are like "dead", I can move the mouse arrow but I cannot click anything.
It happens on many pc's.

Looking IE bottom bar, I see it takes time downloading png images.

Re: Tweeter theme bug ? - donzauker - 04-20-2012

Just test Firefox latest version, no issue... ODM browsing is perfect.