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Sub Directories??? - jdsmith8 - 03-28-2012

I must be missing something, but when I create a department and then a user is assigned to it, or a few users, everything is in that one department folder and all confusing. How do you create SUB DIRECTORIES so that say a department is called TEAM FOLDER and then you have a folder inside the department folder to place items into without being in the top level main directory for the department created.

Ex. I would want Dave, Jay & Amy to have folders all under TEAM FOLDER and then if I upload something for Dave I could upload and select to place the file in TEAM FOLDER >> DAVE and if I uploaded something for Amy I could place it in TEAM FOLDER >> AMY...

I must be missing something on how to do it and just need a little help.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Sub Directories??? - Stephen - 03-28-2012

You can control who can see each individual file based on their department, or their username. Each file can also contain a category, and you can add UDF's (User Defined Fields) to the files for custom meta data.

So if Dave, Jay & Amy are all members of TEAM, then if they upload a file, that files' department is TEAM, and typically the TEAM members could read it. But, you can change that by simply changing the Department Settings when you add or edit it.

Re: Sub Directories??? - jdsmith8 - 03-29-2012

Thanks, but I have a grasp on that and just need to know how to create sub folders for each directory.

A better example might be like the company is TERRY'S FLOORING and inside the department created as TERRY'S FLOORING there are sub-directories that provide an uncluttered look and can have documents assigned to them for organizational purposes and maintain a clean look that is easy to find documents when there are a lot.

So in TERRY'S FLOORING there would be sub folders/directories that could be HARDWOOD, LAMINATE, TILE, etc.. so when an employee goes to get a document they can go directly to the HARDWOOD sub-directory within TERRY's FLOORING and only view hardwood projects and not have to search through the top level ALL VIEW for any document assigned to the directory itself..

Does anyone know how to do this so there can be a clean file tree of directories with sub-folders for organizing or does a line or two of code need to be added or changed to be able to do this?

If so what would that type of code be and where?

Thanks agin,

Re: Sub Directories??? - Stephen - 03-29-2012

Sub-departments is a popular feature request. It is ranking #3 at our uservoice page. I am sure we will be working on this once 1.2.6 goes final.

Re: Sub Directories??? - theboyroberts - 08-05-2013

Hi guys,

Has any progress been made regarding this feature?



Re: Sub Directories??? - Guest - 09-09-2013

This really would be a key feature, and the newest version is out now but still does not have this... any news on when/if its going to be added?

Re: Sub Directories??? - dhebard - 01-15-2014

I agree, having the ability to create sub-directories is truly a key feature. Have there been any further developments on this subject?

Re: Sub Directories??? - bgpitts - 02-22-2014

any progress been made regarding this feature?