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Translations - Stephen - 01-12-2010


2004-10-04 00:37:35 PDT
When I first installed ODM I realized the there were an include folder and and language subfolder. Is there any posibility to use this feacture? And if it is posible how can it be do?


2004-10-04 07:58:17 PDT
I put that into CVS at one point but then put that feature on hold because there were other more important issues, and I am still debating on which method to use for language support.


2008-03-17 19:11:38 PDT
Hi, i translate to Brazilian Portuguese but don't idea to make work ... Help please!

See my translation:


// Author: Demétrios Georges Makedonopoulos <[email protected]>
$lang = array();
global $lang;

$lang['welcome'] = "Seja Bem-Vindo(a) ao OpenDocMan";
$lang['welcome2'] = "Loge-se no sistema para começar à usar O sistema poderoso powerful de armazenamento, publicação e controle de recursos de revisão.";
$lang['welcome_anonymous_title'] = 'OpenDocMan Página para Anônimos: Listas Tudo';
$lang['welcome_anonymous_h1'] = 'OpenDocMan Página para Anônimos';
$lang['anonymous_link'] = 'Clique aqui para visualizar arquivos públicos anonimamente';

$lang['author'] = "Autor";
$lang['enter'] = "Enter";
$lang['help'] = "Ajuda";
$lang['home'] = "Início";
$lang['password'] = "Senha";
$lang['profile'] = "Perfil";
$lang['username'] = "Usuário";
$lang['sincerly'] = "Sinceramente";
$lang['anonymous'] = 'A';

$lang['area_add_new_file'] = "Adicionar Novo Arquivo";
$lang['area_add_new_category'] = "Adicionar Nova Categoria";
$lang['area_admin'] = "Administração";
$lang['area_file_expiration'] = "Validade do Arquivo";
$lang['area_delete_category'] = "Deletar Categoria";
$lang['area_display_category'] = "Visualizar Todos Arquivos na Categoria";
$lang['area_document_listing'] = "Lista de Documentos";
$lang['area_file_delete'] = "Delete o Arquivo";
$lang['area_update_category'] = "Atualizar Categoria";

// Messages
$lang['message_are_you_sure_remove'] = "Tem certeza de que deseja remover este?";
$lang['message_current'] = "Atual";
$lang['message_document_added'] = "Documento adicionado com sucesso";
$lang['message_last_message'] = "Última Mensagem:";
$lang['message_folder_perms_error'] = "Erro de Permissão da Pasta:";
$lang['message_for_further_assistance'] = "para obter mais ajuda";
$lang['message_initial_import'] = "Importação Inicial";
$lang['message_no_files_found'] = "Nenhum Arquivo Encontrado";
$lang['message_no_description_available'] = "Nenhuma Descrição Disponível";
$lang['message_not_writeable'] = "Não Editável!";
$lang['message_please_email'] = "Envie um e-mail";
$lang['message_rejected'] = "Rejeitado";
$lang['message_rejecting_files'] = "Rejeitando arquivos última edição antes";
$lang['message_sorry_demo_mode'] = "Desculpe, somente modo DEMO, você não pode fazer isso!";
$lang['message_unable_to_find_file'] = "Não foi possível encontrar o arquivo solicitado";
$lang['message_anonymous_view'] = 'Você foi transferido para modo anônimo de visualização';
// Labels
$lang['label_add'] = "Adicionar";
$lang['label_admin'] = "Administrador";
$lang['label_all_departments'] = "Todos os Departamentos";
$lang['label_author'] = "Autor";
$lang['label_browse_by'] = "Visualizar por:";
$lang['label_category'] = "Categoria";
$lang['label_checked_out_files'] = "Arquivos Desmarcados";
$lang['label_comment'] = "Comentário";
$lang['label_created_date'] = "Data da Criação";
$lang['label_delete'] = "Deletar";
$lang['label_default_for_unset'] = "Configuração Padrão para Departamento não Configurado";
$lang['label_department'] = "Departamento";
$lang['label_department_authority'] = "Autoridade do Departamento";
$lang['label_description'] = "Descrição";
$lang['label_display'] = "Visualizar";
$lang['label_empty'] = "Vazio";
$lang['label_filename'] = "Nome do Arquivo";
$lang['label_file_archive'] = "Arquivos";
$lang['label_file_location'] = "Localização do Arquivo";
$lang['label_file_maintenance'] = "Manutenção de Arquivos";
$lang['label_file_name'] = "Nome do Arquivo";
$lang['label_found_documents'] = "Documento (s) encontrado";
$lang['label_forbidden'] = "Proibido";
$lang['label_moderation'] = "Moderação";
$lang['label_modify'] = "Modificar";
$lang['label_modified_date'] = "Data da Modificação";
$lang['label_name'] = "Nome";
$lang['label_read'] = "Ler";
$lang['label_rejected_files'] = "Arquivos Rejeitados";
$lang['label_rights'] = "Direitos";
$lang['label_run_expiration'] = "Executar Utilitário de Expiração";
$lang['label_select_one'] = "Selecione um";
$lang['label_select_a_department'] = "Selecione um Departamento";
$lang['label_size'] = "Tamanho";
$lang['label_specific_permissions'] = "Permissão de Usuário Específico";
$lang['label_status'] = "Status";
$lang['label_update'] = "Atualizar";
$lang['label_user'] = "Usuário";
$lang['label_view'] = "Visualizar";

// Buttons
$lang['button_add_document'] = "Adicionar Documento";
$lang['button_add_category'] = "Adicionar Categoria";
$lang['button_back'] = "Voltar";
$lang['button_cancel'] = "Cancelar";
$lang['button_delete'] = "Deletar";
$lang['button_display_category'] = "Visualizar Todos os Arquivos nesta Categoria";
$lang['button_modify_category'] = "Modificar Categoria";
$lang['button_update'] = "Atualizar";
$lang['button_yes'] = "Sim";


$lang['email_file_was_rejected_expired'] = "Seu arquivo expirou. Por gentileza, atualize o arquivo, o mais rapidamente possível. Seu arquivo pode ficar inacessível até que você o faça.";
$lang['email_file_expired'] = "Um Arquivo Wxpirou";
$lang['email_revision_days'] = "Número máximo de dias antes de expirar:";
$lang['email_status_expired'] = "Status: Expirado";

//Single word
$lang['Public'] = 'Público';
$lang['View'] = $lang['label_view'];

2008-03-28 12:51:16 PDT
Here's the dutch translation:


// Michael Sperber, 20080328
$lang = array();
global $lang;

$lang['welcome'] = "Welkome bij OpenDocMan";
$lang['welcome2'] = "Log in om te beginnen met het krachtige opslag-, publiceer- en revisiesysteem.";
$lang['welcome_anonymous_title'] = 'OpenDocMan Anoniem Pagina: Toon alles';
$lang['welcome_anonymous_h1'] = 'OpenDocMan Anoniem Pagina';
$lang['anonymous_link'] = 'Klik hier om de publieke documenten anoniem te bekijken';

$lang['author'] = "Auteur";
$lang['enter'] = "Verder";
$lang['help'] = "Help";
$lang['home'] = "Home";
$lang['password'] = "Password";
$lang['profile'] = "Profiel";
$lang['username'] = "Username";
$lang['sincerly'] = "Hartelijk";
$lang['anonymous'] = 'Anoniem';

$lang['area_add_new_file'] = "Nieuw bestand toevoegen";
$lang['area_add_new_category'] = "Nieuwe Categorie toevoegen";
$lang['area_admin'] = "Administratie";
$lang['area_file_expiration'] = "Verlopen bestanden";
$lang['area_delete_category'] = "Verwijder Categorie";
$lang['area_display_category'] = "Toon alle bestanden in een categorie";
$lang['area_document_listing'] = "Document Opsomming";
$lang['area_file_delete'] = "Bestanden Verwijderen";
$lang['area_update_category'] = "Categorie bijwerken";

// Messages
$lang['message_are_you_sure_remove'] = "Weet je zeker dat je dit wilt verwijderen?";
$lang['message_current'] = "Huidig";
$lang['message_document_added'] = "Document toevoegen gelukt";
$lang['message_last_message'] = "Laatste Bericht:";
$lang['message_folder_perms_error'] = "Folder Toegangsfout:";
$lang['message_for_further_assistance'] = "voor meer hulp";
$lang['message_initial_import'] = "Oorspronkelijke import";
$lang['message_no_files_found'] = "Geen bestand gevonden";
$lang['message_no_description_available'] = "Geen beschrijving beschikbaar";
$lang['message_not_writeable'] = "Niet beschrijfbaar!";
$lang['message_please_email'] = "A.u.b. emailen";
$lang['message_rejected'] = "Afgewezen";
$lang['message_rejecting_files'] = "Afgewezen bestanden laatst gewijzigd voor";
$lang['message_sorry_demo_mode'] = "Sorry, Dit is niet mogelijk in de demo!";
$lang['message_unable_to_find_file'] = "Het gevraagde bestand werd niet gevonden";
$lang['message_anonymous_view'] = 'Je bent overgeschakeld naar anonieme bekijk modes';

// Labels
$lang['label_add'] = "Toevoegen";
$lang['label_admin'] = "Admin";
$lang['label_all_departments'] = "Alle Afdelingen";
$lang['label_author'] = "Auteur";
$lang['label_browse_by'] = "Bekijk per:";
$lang['label_category'] = "Categorie";
$lang['label_checked_out_files'] = "Uitgecheckte Bestanden";
$lang['label_comment'] = "Commentaar";
$lang['label_created_date'] = "Creatie Datum";
$lang['label_delete'] = "Verwijder";
$lang['label_default_for_unset'] = "Standaard waarde voor niet ingevulde afdeling";
$lang['label_department'] = "Afdeling";
$lang['label_department_authority'] = "Afd. Authoriteit";
$lang['label_description'] = "Beschrijving";
$lang['label_display'] = "Toon";
$lang['label_empty'] = "Leeg";
$lang['label_filename'] = "Bestandsnaam";
$lang['label_file_archive'] = "Bestands Archief";
$lang['label_file_location'] = "File Locatie";
$lang['label_file_maintenance'] = "Bestandsonderhoud";
$lang['label_file_name'] = "Bestandsnaam";
$lang['label_found_documents'] = "gevonden document(en)";
$lang['label_forbidden'] = "Verboden";
$lang['label_moderation'] = "Bemiddeling";
$lang['label_modify'] = "Wijzig";
$lang['label_modified_date'] = "Datum wijziging";
$lang['label_name'] = "Naam";
$lang['label_read'] = "Lees";
$lang['label_rejected_files'] = "Afgewezen bestand";
$lang['label_rights'] = "Rechten";
$lang['label_run_expiration'] = "Start verloop-gereedschap";
$lang['label_select_one'] = "Selecteer een";
$lang['label_select_a_department'] = "Selecteer een afdeling";
$lang['label_size'] = "Grootte";
$lang['label_specific_permissions'] = "Speciefieke gebruikers rechten";
$lang['label_status'] = "Status";
$lang['label_update'] = "Wijziging doorvoeren";
$lang['label_user'] = "Gebruiker";
$lang['label_view'] = "Overzicht";

// Buttons
$lang['button_add_document'] = "Document toevoegen";
$lang['button_add_category'] = "Categorie toevoegen";
$lang['button_back'] = "Terug";
$lang['button_cancel'] = "Opheffen";
$lang['button_delete'] = "Verwijder";
$lang['button_display_category'] = "Toon alle bestanden in deze categorie";
$lang['button_modify_category'] = "Wijzig Categorie";
$lang['button_update'] = "Wijziging doorvoeren";
$lang['button_yes'] = "Ja";

$lang['email_file_was_rejected_expired'] = "Het bestand is verlopen. Voor de wijziging a.u.b. zo snel mogelijk door. Het bestand is mogelijk ontoegankelijk totdat het is bijgewerkt.";
$lang['email_file_expired'] = "Een bestand is verlopen";
$lang['email_revision_days'] = "Maximum aantal dagen voordat het bestand verloopt:";
$lang['email_status_expired'] = "Status: Verlopen";

//Single word
$lang['Public'] = 'Publiek';
$lang['View'] = $lang['label_view'];

2008-11-03 01:27:14 PST
this file looks interesting for me. can you explain me, how it can be used? i'm a very beginner in php, but i would like to translate this in german and use it with odm 1.2.5. i think i need the anwers to:
where is the file to save?
and how is the connection to make to this file?
very thanks for you answer