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Securty tips - scotw - 06-09-2011

Im starting to use this for my small insurance business. Works great. Simple, fast, does everything needed. I use pdfcreator to print all docs, then combine, then save, which then runs a bat file that opens my doc sites upload page in Firefox. If I happen to be logged in already, the upload page is there. Otherwise I put in pw and it goes to the upload page. Select file, upload, done.

Setup: :geek:
Ubuntu server running 64 bit desktop
Several virtual machines running on top of that with Vbox. One of which is a server install of unbuntu with opendocs, nothing else in the /var/www folder. Docs are then stored outside that in /home/username/docs. This server install of ubuntu is fully encrypted on the drives. No ports are open to the internet. I use Hamachi for a secure vpn, which is the only access to the server.

It looks like opendocman puts the docs in some other format or Im hoping encrypts the docs when put in the docs folder? Either way I cant read the files there. I can open them, but they're just garbage. Which is good.

Some permission tips I ran across in Linux.
The /var/www/opendocs/ needs to be owned by the user running the server and in the group www-data. Then folder permission can be 755. Same goes for where ever your docs folder is. Owned by you and in group www-data.

sudo chown -R /var/www/opendocs username:www-data
sudo chmod 755 /var/www/opendocs

Noticed when editing the config files, once uploaded back to server, I have to re apply permissions of username:www-data and chmod to 640. Otherwise it was readable by everyone. Which is bad since the mysql PW is in there. So be sure to chmod the 2 config files to 640.

Sorry, I ramble on. But when storing personal info for clients like I do, I have to be secure/secure/secure. Maybe more will try opendocs realizing it can be a very secure way of storing docs.

Great work. I plan to donate.