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Review user cant add file - Stephen - 01-12-2010


2008-12-02 22:19:01 PST
I was looking for a good document manager for my the admin department of my university. when i found opendocman. i was able to install it with out much hassle. but when i started creating users i found out that any user i create with the "reviewer profile" is unable to add files. but if i update the profile to admin adding files would be successfull "Please upload a valid document" this is what i get when i try to upload a file as a review user. please is there anything am doing wrong. thanks in advance.

am using it on ubuntu hardy heron,

2008-12-03 06:37:47 PST
Hmmm... looking at the source code, that error message is output only when "ec=11" inside error.php:

// file not uploaded
case 11:
$message = 'Please upload a valid document.';

There is one spot in the add.php that sets ec=11:

//can't upload empty file
if ($_FILES['file']['size'] <= 0 )

The same condition in check-in.php:

// no file!
if ($_FILES['file']['size'] <= 0)
header('Location:error.php?ec=11&last_message=' . urlencode($last_message));

Based on this brief analysis, I can't see a connection between user rights and being able to upload documents. You might check your webserver logs and see if something else might be happening.

2008-12-04 07:17:35 PST
I seem to have fixed i when thru the config.php file and uncommented some stuffs .. looking back now i cant really remember what i did .. but its working fine now thnaks