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HTML edit / Mail notification - Stephen - 01-12-2010

Hey all

... can anyone tell me the location of the code that generates HTML layout for out.php (including header and footer info), I'm trying to change the look of things.

Also, is there a way you can turn off the mail notification feature produced by toBePublished.php, etc.

Thanks !!!

Re: HTML edit / Mail notification - Stephen - 01-12-2010

Go to for example C:\Temp\opendocman-1.2.5\templates\default

You will see 2 files header.tpl and footer.tpl. Open these file with Notepad or Wordpad.

Make the changes you want and you will be able to change the header and footer with HTML code.

I hope this helps.

As far as the mail notification look in the config.php file.

//Authorization control: On or Off (case sensitive)
//If set On, every document added or checked back must be reviewed by an admin
//before it can go public. To disable this review queue, set this variable to Off.
//When set to Off, all newly added or checked back in documents will immediately go public
'authorization' => 'On',

Set it to OFF