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newbie question - edwsin - 07-28-2010

Dear all,
Recently i just downloaded the opendocman, i'm planning to install on linux server.
i did :
1. Download opendocman
2. Copy to a folder in linux server
3. Extract file
4. copy to my web server document root directory which is : /var/www/html/opendocman/
5. But when i access by using ie, i got a message :

You don't have permission to access /opendocman on this server.

what did i do wrong..?
anyone could help me out on this..?
Thank You,

Re: newbie question - edwsin - 07-28-2010 i can access the page, but when in installing error like this :
unable to connect Access denied for user "opendocman"@"localhost" ( Using password: YES )
what should i do..?
please help Sad

I add my screenshoot on attchment.

Re: newbie question - edwsin - 07-28-2010

okay, after i edit line in config.php :
root_username => admin

when i refresh the page, and now it keeps installing...
and its already almost over 20mins.

Re: newbie question - edwsin - 07-29-2010

ok now is finished installing, but another problem happened.
the dataDir is problem, cannot located the data directory,
please see my config.php

Re: newbie question - edwsin - 07-29-2010

Okay now i can login and access the main page of opendocman.
I tried to :
1. Add user...OK
2. Add Dept...OK
3. Upload documents..OK
4. Approved the document by admin...OK
5. But when i tried to download or view, it gives error : " file doesn't exists"

Anyone can help me...?

Re: newbie question - bit2bit - 07-29-2010

not sure about your problem, but looking at your 'config.php' I'd assume, the path to your 'dataDir' may be not correct (relative/absolute), what about trying to set up it this way (worked for me just fine):

// Uncomment this one for LINUX - Don't forget the trailing slash "/"
'dataDir' => '/var/www/document_repository/',

otherwise, there are some threads referring to the same / similar problem in the forums here, you may find an answer there...

Re: newbie question - edwsin - 07-29-2010

hi bit2bit...
the dataDir is okay now,
i success upload a file to opendocman, but when i want to view the file from opendocman, it gets error : file does not exists
could you help me out..?


Re: newbie question - bit2bit - 07-29-2010

hi there! can you have a look at your //var/www/document_repository directly please:

* are there any files stored?
* what is the size of these files?
* what permissions do that files have?
* what permission does your 'document_repository'-dir have?


Re: newbie question - edwsin - 07-29-2010

sorry, i dont have gui.
I only console :p
When i opened the directory, the files are exists.
I am already set the chmod 777 to all the files, but still cannot access.

Re: newbie question - edwsin - 07-29-2010

this is shown when i tried to deleted a file :
"Last Message: Could not create /var/www/html/opendocman/dataarchiveDir/"
how come theres a dataarchiveDir..?
my dataDir is: /var/www/html/opendocman/data