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dataDir problem!!! - Stephen - 01-12-2010

There is a problem with your dataDir. Check to make sure it exists and is writeable

my path is /home/mundopar/public_html/documents/data and permisos 777

where is the problem???



Re: dataDir problem!!! - Stephen - 01-12-2010

You need to have the trailing slash on the directory name, like this example from "config_local.php":

$GLOBALS['CONFIG']['dataDir'] = '/your/path/here/';

What user does your webserver run as?

Can you "su" to that account, then "cd" into that directory and create files?

Check to see if one of the higher level directories is too restrictive?


Re: dataDir problem!!! - Stephen - 01-12-2010

I am experiencing the same problem.

I set my dataDir = '/home/opendocman/data/

A remote site is hosting MySQL.

$GLOBALS['hostname'] = ''; // Enter the hostname that is serving the database

I stll get the dataDir error.

Please help.


Re: dataDir problem!!! - Stephen - 01-12-2010

Am experiencing the same prob also.
The database installed ok, I can even "sign up" but if I try to log in I get th dataDir problem.

I have set in the config file:
'dataDir' => '/var/www/clientweb/odm/cdata/',

And even tried putting in the local config file:
$GLOBALS['CONFIG']['dataDir'] = '/var/www/clientweb/odm/cdata/';

The cdata dir has correct permissions:
drwxrwxr-x 2 admin admin 4096 Feb 17 08:39 cdata/

Any ideas? And thanks in advance.

Re: dataDir problem!!! - Stephen - 01-12-2010

ok. I had the same problem and I got it to work by doing the following. Keep in mind where your base url is e.g. 'base_url' => '' which points to your home root. I then created a separate folder under that. e.g. "". Then I created a subfolder under opendocman folder calle 'data/' which I used to set datadir, e.g. 'dataDir' => 'data/'.

That's it.
Good luck.


Re: dataDir problem!!! - fruitbat - 03-16-2010


Yours was the only post that helped, great explanation, great example.... So pleased to have finally got up and running, even if it has been four hours on the config file! But as soon as I found your post it all got better in five minutes.

Thank you again xxx

Re: dataDir problem!!! - Stephen - 03-16-2010

Make sure you place your dataDir folder OUTSIDE of your web servers DOCUMENT_ROOT folder. Otherwise, people could just access the files directly by using <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://localhost/myopendocman/dataDirFolder/1.dat">http://localhost/myopendocman/dataDirFolder/1.dat</a><!-- m -->