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Managing Very Large Files - jhuebel - 03-30-2010

We're considering using OpenDocMan as a central repository for raw video, images and PDFs that we share with outside graphics designers, video editors, etc. How well does OpenDocMan handle uploading large files? I know about the config changes necessary to allow uploading big files (config.php and php.ini changes). However, are there any other considerations? When I say large files, I'm talking about a single file that's hundreds of megabytes, at least.

Using the standard file upload HTML form controls is fine, but are there any hacks available to allow flash-based uploads with a progress bar? I don't want someone who is uploading to think the upload is stalled or wait on an upload that has stall and they don't realize it. So uploading with a progress bar is essential for my needs.

Jason Huebel
Orange, TX USA