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Admin upload alone - nickda89 - 01-27-2010

HI apologies for coming with what might be a silly problem but i really like this software and what to use it.

the only problem i am having is that I need to have Admin's uploading documents but then for all user no matter what depo or group all they can do is download the documents uploaded by the Admin.

is there anyway to take the upload function off for users but not for Admin's

really appreciated


nick Big Grin

Re: Admin upload alone - Stephen - 01-27-2010

You could add something the add.php that would check to see if the user was "root" user or not, then deny if they werent.

Re: Admin upload alone - nickda89 - 01-28-2010

thanks Steve will try that out still a bit new to PHP though so ill see where I get to!