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No Root Access - Stephen - 01-13-2010

2009-07-29 18:27:29 PDT
Hello again,
It seems that my webhost will not provide root access... Can ODM get its database set up via phpadmin? If so, how?

Thanks so much!

Ken Dawes

2009-07-30 06:13:54 PDT
Look at the database.sql script. Based on what others have done, you should be able to follow the steps manually.

Maybe someone who understands the phpadmin steps can step up and contribute a "Guide to Setting Up ODM Without Shell Access" ?

2009-08-03 11:06:03 PDT
Actually, once I looked under the hood, I think I sussed it out!

1.) log into your webhost/website CPanel
2.) Open MySQL and create a database and a user for that database. (note: that depending on your webhosts preferences, they may modify the database and user names)
Give the user fill privileges.
3.) Upload OpenDocMan and modify the config/config_local files per the ODM instructions.
4.) Go to the ODM install folder. Modify the index.php file by commenting out the grant section.
5.) Install per ODM instructions. On Install page use your CPanel username and p/w and for the "new" database use the db name, username and p/w that you used in MySQL
6.) Install
7.) Viola!!!

Now to figure out how ODM works!!