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New manual Install: U/Led docs not visible? - Stephen - 01-13-2010

2007-07-21 09:27:22 PDT
hi just did a new manual install of opendocman (my first), and set it up properly. I uploaded a file and it appears in the documents directory as 1.dat (or at least this file has the correct file size). But when I log in, either with the admin account or the account I used to upload the file it tells me "no files found"?

Anyone know what has happened?

2007-07-23 06:32:05 PDT
First, did a reviewer "approve" publication of the document?

Second, it is possible to set the permissions in such a way that files can't be seen. You may need to look at the raw data inside MySQL to track down what happened.

2007-07-23 13:05:42 PDT
yeah I figured it out, it is the reviewing thing ... how do I turn moderation off? I must be blind but I cant see it?!

2007-07-23 13:33:44 PDT
its in the config file.

2007-07-23 13:54:58 PDT
Of course it is! Thank you, I'm an idiot! LOL