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Category not shown in search results - Stephen - 01-13-2010

2007-05-14 01:12:08 PDT
I can't see category column in search results.

Is a bug or there is a place where this can be added?

Best Regards
Fabio D'Alfonso

2007-05-14 04:23:02 PDT
Hi -

It shouldn't be too difficult to edit the PHP to add the Category to the table output. Look at the list_files() subroutine in functions.php

But, the better solution would be add a facility to allow easy customization of the column output. Both which columns and what order they get displayed. Purhaps you can suggest this as a "Feature Request" ? This would be a little more complex.

- Jon

2007-05-16 11:42:14 PDT
Look at feature request #1719378. This will allow you to customize which fields are displayed.

2007-05-24 05:41:42 PDT
Hi Fabio -

Have you had a chance to try my patch? I'd like to get some feedback from others.


2007-06-08 08:51:11 PDT
Hi -

I've updated my patches to include full support for UDFs in the columns, including ability to sort the output. I'd like some feedback from other users before I move the changes over into the "patch forum", and their eventual inclusion into the ODM baseline.

Re: Category not shown in search results - spbitticks - 03-14-2010


I'm new to OpenDocMan and trying to get the hang of it. Based on this thread, it should be possible to customize the column output for both the "home" and for search results. I'd like to add Category, some UDF and remove some other listings. Could someone tell me exactly how to go about doing this?


Re: Category not shown in search results - Stephen - 03-15-2010

It would take some php and javascript programming for that.

Re: Category not shown in search results - spbitticks - 03-16-2010

I'm comfortable trying for that; our company has a webprogrammer on staff who can advise. Anywhere I can find some details as to which files to look at and what lines to look at editing?