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Full Version: Can't authorize a document
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2005-04-27 15:33:03 PDT
I log in the sistem with one user and add a document, Then i logout and login again with the reviewer user. The main page haz the message there is a file waiting for review, click on it and go to authorize window. Check the box and when i click on the authorize button a new window appears, but in there is again the authorize page, repeat the procedure in this new window anda appera a new windows with the same in.

What i can do?

2005-04-27 15:36:30 PDT
You should try those steps on the demo server to see if it is just your local installation or a bug.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.opendocman/demo">http://www.opendocman/demo</a><!-- m -->


2005-08-04 14:24:32 PDT
I have the same problem. I have tested on the demo and do not get the same problem. It appears to sql realted but i am not sure. Any ideas?


2005-08-06 13:36:02 PDT
What is your version, platform, web server, etc..