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Full Version: OpenDocMan 1.3.5 Released
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OpenDocMan v1.3.5 includes security and bug fixes. No database changes are required. Recommended that all users upgrade from older versions.

Issues resolved:
  • Fixed #226 - video/3gpp type

  • Fixed #229 - computed base url during install

  • Fixed #232 - space separator in dropdown

  • Fixed #233 - Add Tamil language

  • Fixed #240 - add correct port details to config sample

  • Fixed #241 - Added CSRF protection

  • Fixed #242 - Added output escaping to views

  • Fixed #244 - password fields during install

  • Fixed #245 - revision view not working for historical revisions
  • Add missing x-zip to installer, remove invalid default date values in┬áschema

  • Cleanup last_message to use urlencode()

  • Added composer.phar and /vendor folder for dependency management

  • Added phplint to require-dev for build tests

  • Clean up PHP_SELF usage