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Full Version: How to remove Catregories or Departments
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I'm testing this product in a scenario where I have many clients in which I do not want client A to know anything about Client B.

If Client A uploads or approves a document, I don't want them to pick through a list of departments or categories to perform this task, I just want them to click approve and send the email.

The only non-programmatic approach I've seen so far, is to create the clients as either departments - which I've done, but found my issue is related to setting privileges and categories.

How can I set all the Clients so they only have Approval, Check-out and Check-in rights to docs in their own department (if I keep creating clients in Departments)?

Is there a better way t accomplish what I'm trying to do?

If there is no better configuration method, what files should I modify in a programmatic approach? (not my first choice because I prefer to perform updates later).

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SimpleUser plugin reduces the items in the "Add" page.
(10-18-2015, 02:22 PM)adminla Wrote: [ -> ]SimpleUser plugin reduces the items in the "Add" page.

Thanks, however, I had modified the pages, labels, and sections to change the workflow and visibility.

This is no longer an issue.

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