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Full Version: Permissions Problem for existing documents when adding a department
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I'm having an odd issue as I'm setting up OpenDocMan for the first time. Through some basic testing I was able to add some documents and tweak their permissions to my liking, no problem at all. However, I realized that I had forgotten to add one of our departments into the system. So I added a new department and went back to the original documents that had been uploaded so that I could all the new department to read the documents. After setting the department permissions and hitting save, I get the message that says that the settings were successfully applied, however if I go back to the settings page, the permissions for departments have not changed and the new department still is forbidden from seeing the document. This happens no matter which department settings I change on the file, not just the new one.
If I do a similar test and change user permissions, those update just fine.

The kicker in all of this is that if I upload a new document (after having created the forgotten department), I'm able to edit both the department and user permissions without a problem.

Possibly related, my admin user is unable to change any settings on the Admin -> Settings page, except for the debug and demo options (both of which are false currently).

Any ideas on what might be going on here? My first guess is that there's some sort of problem with whatever's being sent to MySQL, but I'm not an expert on SQL by any means.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Smile
For anyone from the future reading this (I hope it's nice there!), this issue was fixed in version 1.3.2!