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Full Version: Problem with Search
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2004-10-26 03:36:22 PDT
I'm a user of OpenDocMan v1.2p1, I install it few days ago.
There is a problem with Search. If I put the word and
mark "case sensitivy" I get an error:

Error in query: SELECT FROM data, user, department,
category WHERE data.owner = AND AND data.category =
AND ( REGEXP BINARY 'instrukcja' OR
user.first_name REGEXP BINARY 'instrukcja' OR user.last_name
BINARY 'instrukcja' OR data.description REGEXP
BINARY 'instrukcja' OR data.realname REGEXP BINARY 'instrukcja'
OR data.comment REGEXP BINARY 'instrukcja') ORDER BY
ASCYou have an error in your SQL syntax
near 'BINARY 'instrukcja' OR user.first_name REGEXP
BINARY 'instrukcja' OR user.last_n' at line 1

On any other combinations I have answer "No files found"
Thanks for any solutions.

2004-10-28 14:21:11 PDT
I will have to do some more testing on this. Seems there are some issues but I was unable to get the error message you got.