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Full Version: Error logging into Opendocman (initial Login)
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I get the following error when initially (no password has been set) logging into opendocman:

Error in query: SELECT id, username, department, phone, email, last_name, first_name, pw_reset_code, can_add, can_checkin FROM odm_user WHERE id=1Unknown column 'can_add' in 'field list'

I checked the odm_user table there are no columns named 'can_add' and 'can_checkin'. Why would the program be asking for fields that do not exist? In addition I tried manually setting the password (i.e. update the odm_user table password field) but when I use this password I receive another login error.

Please advise
Did you install from the database.sql file? If so, I just noticed some columns are missing in that file.

To fix this you can run these command in mysql or phpmyadmin:

ALTER TABLE odm_user ADD COLUMN can_add tinyint(1) NULL DEFAULT 1;
ALTER TABLE odm_user ADD COLUMN can_checkin tinyint(1) NULL DEFAULT 1;