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Full Version: Incomplete document downloads
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2007-10-16 08:53:26 PDT
Sorry if I missed this somewhere in the forum.

I'm having a very odd problem. When users check out a file if they click the "Download" button they only get a partial download, in the case of .xls files. If they use the "Click Here" link the file downloads correctly. Is this a mime-type issue?

As a side note, if a user checks in a bad file can the reviewer reject only that copy and revert to the previous version, or does the admin have to force a checkin?

2007-10-16 09:44:20 PDT
Hi -

After browsing the source code, it appears that the "Download" button always treats the data as application/octet-stream, but the "click here" link uses the proper mimetype. You might try editing the view_file.php, look for "application/octet-stream" and change it to the appropriate value for xls files and see if the same behavior occurs or not. If you can confirm that this fixes the problem with xls files, then we'll need to patch the source to lookup the mimetype.

Not sure about your second question... maybe post that as its own thread?

2007-10-16 10:12:45 PDT
See Patch [1814598]