Community Support for OpenDocMan (Deprecated)

Full Version: migrate from community to supported version of OpenDocMan -- steps/issues?
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I'm performing a test drive on the community version of OpenDocMan. If all goes well (I expect it will), I intend to upgrade to the supported (paid) version.

Can anyone advise expected steps needed to perform that upgrade? It's not a product upgrade per se, more of a license update. I don't see any references to that type of migration activity on the web site, however.

Thanks for any insight.


To be more specific about my question--

If one performs an initial setup of a doc repository using the community version, then decides to purchase a supported license, is a re-installation required. i.e., is all work performed previously lost, or does it remain available and usable following the version change (license upgrade)?
The software is identical, the only difference is whether you get support from us or not.