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Full Version: Document upload fails without error msg
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I'm attempting to upload a ZIP file but it continues to fail without any error message. As the file uploads the "percent completed" is shown at the bottom. When it reaches 100% the screen quicky flashes (too fast to read) and reverts back to the file upload screen without a filename selected. No error message is displayed.

The file is 17.9 MB in size. I have successfully uploaded another ZIP file which is 6.65 MB so I know it works. Due to the fact that a smaller file works but the larger does not, I'm assuming the issue is with the file size. I checked the php.ini settings (below)

post_max_size 8M
upload_max_filesize 40M

The Opendocman max_filesize setting is at 10,000,000,000 (no idea what these are, bytes?)

Any idea what could be wrong? I appreciate any assistance..