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Full Version: Customization of OpenDocMan
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Hi all. I need some assistance with the following customizations. Could you please help direct me to the files that I would need to edit to achieve these (and possibly a quick overview of what I need to do) or point me to a thread that has this info (as my BB search seems to be broken).

Change what is viewed in the file list:
-remove ID, File Name, Description, Rights, Date Created, Modified Date, Department, Size, Status
-change Author to Owner
-display UDF fields and make them sortable

Change the File Details page:
-remove Date Created, Owner, Description, Comment, Revision in details
-remove Check out and History option in bottom bar for all users
-remove Edit and Delete options if user does not have rights

Change the header bar (hide Check-in to everyone, modify CSS)

Then I have 2 questions:

Upload more than 20 documents (when uploading, I select 100 files but only 20 get uploaded) - is this a system limitation, a bug, or what?

Confirm the following:
To make a document only visible to 1 person (other than Admin), deny rights to that person's department, then give that particular person full rights, correct?

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!