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Full Version: Windows Security login
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I have OpenDocMan installed on a shared hosting service.

I realized that after adding a document to the server, each time I wish to download a document to my PC, the download starts but, I receive a Windows Security popup message asking the user to supply their username and password for the domain where the site is hosted. The file continues to download until completion.

If the user clicks "Cancel" the message box closes, and everything is as if the popup message never appeared.

Is there something that can be done to prevent this message box from appearing, since it really does nothing?

Jim P
Is the dataDir pointing at a password protected folder? I am not sure where that prompt is coming from but I know OpenDocMan doesn't do that, it must be coming from your operating system or hosting software. I have seen other reports of similar behavior that were hosting account related.
Sounds like the directory you are using is .htaccess protected.