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Full Version: Getting settings failed
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I am trying to install it but everytime i get the message that the datadirectory does not exist (but it is there with all the rights)
And finally i get the following message

"Getting settings failed: Table 'opendocman.odm_settings' doesn't exist"

If i look in the MySql Databse it is there.

How can i solve this?

You will normally see the settings message if you have a config.php file but have not installed the database. Was this a manual installation or did you use the auto-installer?
check the config.php file after setting
and do manual installations.
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It may also help if you tell us what OS you are installing to.
i have just install opendocman on my webspace.
Created the database ok
but i get the message :

"There is a problem with your dataDir setting. It does not appear to exist."

Where must i create the datadir ???

My Hardware is a Synology 415 and opendocman is installed in /opendocman

Where is my mistakeĀ  . . . .

Regards Bernd