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Full Version: Add/remove columns in file list
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What would be the easiest way to add/remove columns in the file list?

I want to remove some default columns and add some UDF columns.

Thanks a lot!

Imm looking to to do this exact thing. Ive been investigating the files to see where I get.


functions.php -
function list_files($fileid_array, $userperms_obj, $dataDir, $showCheckBox = 'false', $rejectpage = 'false')
$file_obj = new FileData($fileid, $GLOBALS['connection'], DB_NAME);

FileData_class.php -
class FileData extends databaseData{

Im wondering if editing the FileData definition is at least a good starting point.

Has anyone else tried to add / remove columns to the list view.

I got mine to stop displaying the database information that corresponds with the columns I want to remove, but can't get it to remove the actual column itself. I can't even find where in the files to affect this kind of change and I've been bashing my head over it for about 5 days now. Any hints?