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Full Version: New UDF - Autocompete Text Field
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I've added a new user defined function, the Autocompleting text field. The "autocomplete" feature will help ensure standardization in a text field to match what has previously been entered and still free form entry to add new choices. It leverages the HTML5 Datalist element, doesn't use any 'custom' javascript (such as jQuery) and I believe it will be 'backward compatible' with browsers pre-IE10, Firefox 20, etc.

I also added the ability to change the display name of a text field.

Lastly, I fixed a bug that happened when searching for text fields that have a space in the display name. While spaces are allowed and handled in the search gui, searching for anything on that field broke because it wasn't handled properly for the query.

The files that I've modified are

Best regards,
Rob Morin

I will take a look.