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Full Version: Prevent users adding files
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I have installed v1.2.6.7 for review.

The application appears to be functioning as desired, although i'm not sure about the file permissions when uploading, might be preferable to see a table rather than having to click each department to check access. Anyway, maybe it will grow on me, it's just my initial thought.

One area that will cause me a problem is that anyone appears to be able to "add a file, I appreciate I can set files to be reviewed before release, but i'd rather some users/departments were not given the option to "add a file" Is there a means to do this.

Appreciate the help, it looks like this software will be very useful.
Working on a new feature that changes the dept permissions into an expandable table of radio buttons.

As for the other feature, that sounds like a good idea: As an administrator I want to be able to control whether a user can upload new files. You should add it to our page and see if it gets some traction.