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Full Version: Revision history usage
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Hello All,
New user here. Just installed version and still in testing / exploring phase. I have found a document can be added / checked out/ checked in and the filename changes to the last file checked in. Regardless if it is the correct file or not. All of the different versions are present but only the last name appears for all of them. So it is impossible without actually viewing each of them to determine the correct last version of a file. This can present an issue of data loss if users are looking for a specific file name and not finding it because a user has checked in the wrong file. However, I could not locate a rename function to correct the name issue. I also could not locate a method to activate a prior revision with correct data even using the wrong filename. I am able to view the history files to at least determine the correct version desired. But no method to use it instead of the current version seems to be present.

The only process I can see available at present is to view or download the revision desired and rename accordingly. Then check-out the incorrect version or filename. Then check-in the downloaded version using the corrected version and filename. Another method might be to download the correct version and rename. Delete the corrupted document followed by adding new the corrected version. Of course the last option would remove all history as well.

Maybe I am over looking something obvious but I investigated options even using the super root user as well.

Any information on the proper usage of the history / revision files feature would be appreciated.