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Full Version: User Defined Field (UDF)
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2008-06-18 08:50:02 PDT
Hello, I tried to use the so-called user defined field in OpenDocMan. I think it's great thing to add own indication to documents. But it did not work.

I could create one single UDF - but I was not able to add any values that one could chose from for this field.

As well, trying to add a second UDF, I got the system message that it was added successfully, but I never saw it appearing anywhere.

So: How can I add values to the drop-down field to chose from?
And: How can I create more than one User Defined Fields?

Thanks for help!

2008-06-18 09:15:32 PDT
Ok there, it's me:

For one of the to issues I just discovered my mistake: I used "C.NE" as the Name of the User Defined Field. I think it cannot manage dots or so. When I name it "CNE" I can add values and it works well. (Even if it will not let you chose a blank entry when adding a file.)

But the problem that I can only create one single UDF remains.


2008-06-18 09:21:30 PDT
Have you applied all the applicable UDF patches?

2008-06-18 09:28:15 PDT
The "Display Name" can contain periods... using "C.NE" should not have caused an error.

The "Table Name" must be a valid database table name. The use of invalid characters should have triggered an error. Please submit this using the bug tracker.


2008-06-19 02:45:59 PDT
Thanks for the reply,

I don't know what patches have been installed, I did not do the installation. I just tested it and wanted to know if this was a known issue or if it should actually work.

So you say one should actually be able to add more than one UDF?

Thank you

2008-06-19 05:41:36 PDT
Yes, you can definitely add more than one UDF once all the UDF related patches are installed.