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Full Version: Warning: finfo::finfo() [finfo.finfo]: Failed to load magic
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I have installed OpenDocMan on php 5.2 Directadmin with openbasedir on. After adding any document I am getting following error :

Warning: finfo::finfo() [finfo.finfo]: Failed to load magic database at '/usr/share/misc/magic'. in /home/.../odm/File_class.php on line 42

Warning: finfo::file() [finfo.file]: The invalid fileinfo object. in /home/.../odm/File_class.php on line 43

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.../odm/File_class.php:42) in /home/.../odm/add.php on line 489

Does anyone has idea whats wrong ?
What is your exact PHP version? The 5.2 version is from 2006.
This might be causing the problem if you are using less than 5.3:

Quote:Before PHP 5.3.0, the magic_open library is needed to build this extension.

Does your phpinfo() return information about magic mime?
James, if you would like you can checkout the "develop" branch from our git repository. I have added some significant changes to the way mime types are determined but I don't know if your specific case will be handled or not. If you could test it out that would be very helpful.

If you want to download that branch you can click on the Zip button, or, you can checkout the branch using the "git" utility if you know how to use that.

Hi Stephen,

I have the same issue. My PHP is 5.3.x.
I have been able to deploy successfully on an local installation with XAMPP. But on my external web host it didn't work.
I tried your suggested development version, but it didn't work. Same issue.

Any more suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Please verify you are running
Hi Stephen,

I confirm to run on

Hi all,

I could overcome this issue by moving to an other Web Hoster. This issue is due to constraints set by several Web Hoster.
Now I have it working well.