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Full Version: mime_content_type(): Empty filename or path
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Hello All,

I'm receiving an error when trying to upload a PDF file. Upon adding the file I'm receiving the error "MIMETYPE: Failed" indicating that the MIMETYPE of the file is not on the accepted list. However according to Chromes developer tools the file is type is application/pdf which is on the default list of accepted MIMETypes. Upon reviewing the Apache error logs the following message is appearing:

mime_content_type(): Empty filename or path in /var/www/html/opendocman/add.php on line 466

My testing in the browser indicates it is passing the proper MIMEType. In researching the PHP call "mime_content_type()" it is indicated the function has been deprecated which could be part of the problem.

* PHP 5.3.3
* Google Chrome Version 25.0.1364.155
* OpenDocMan

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
A similar post here:

There have been some mimetype issues recently and we are trying to figure out the best way to handle it. The post above discusses one of the proposed solutions.