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Full Version: access from behind a firewall
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i've installed v1.2.6.2b on our server (which runs Ubuntu server 10.04). the server is on a LAN which uses NAT (network address translation) & can be accessed from outside in which case it comes in through the router which directs incoming http connections to Apache running on the server. in this case the browser opens '' & everything works fine.

when i try to use it from INSIDE the building, of course the server's address is, ie its address on the LAN. i can open '' no problem. i fill in the login details & submit & get a page labelled 'Document Repository', but without graphics. anything else i try to do gets me a 404 & the url has reverted to ''.

it's obviously remembering this name somewhere (in a cookie, perhaps?) but how do i persuade it to use the correct one?

any suggestions gratefully rec'd.